Retreats & Wellness Events

The Society is committed to providing activities that help address the issues faced by any family on a CML journey.  In addition to our CML Connection activities, we provide educational events across the country.  Below are some of our event series.

An Evening with the CML Experts™

This series brings the Key Opinion Leaders in the treatment of CML to cities near you.  The program offers you a chance to interact face to face with these thought leaders and ask the questions you may have about living with CML.

Living with CML Wellness Event

Our wellness events focus on giving you tools to help make the journey easier.  From diet and exercise tips, to dealing with emotions, these events arm you with the tools you need to face CML and get busy living.

CML Summits

CML Summit retreats allow you and your entire family to get away for a time of refreshing renewal.  Sessions on living well, coping, and overcoming hurdles are interspersed with activities designed to ease tension and stress.  These events are usually three days in length and occur over the course of a weekend, beginning on Friday.  For more information, email