Newly Diagnosed?

Shock, fear, grief - these are all feelings that come with any cancer diagnosis.  Not only are these feelings something you are dealing with, they are being dealt with by your family and friends as well.  Amidst all the uncertainty there is one thing that IS certain - you are not alone.

Here at the National CML Society, our aim is to help you get your bearings and chart a course that will help you learn about CML, identify the subtleties of the disease, know how to discuss your diagnosis with concerned family and friends, and get busy living.

Here are some thoughts on becoming the engaged patient:

Ask Questions!  The ONLY "dumb" question is the one not asked!  Your doctor and care team are always open to answering any questions you have about CML.  You will find a list of questions to ask your doctor, right here on the site. Additionally, our Ask the CML Experts™ portal allows you to see many of the frequently asked questions from our community and to submit your own unique question to a CML Specialist.

Learn about CML.  The Society seeks to provide information and resources that will help you understand all that comes with a CML diagnosis.  From finding a CML Specialist to understanding how your drug works to control your disease - its all here.  

Connect with others.  Being able to share a common journey can help bring a calmness to your personal journey.  The Society works to help you connect with others and have the opportunity to benefit from these personal connections.  Our CML Connection™ program and portal will allow you to discover CML resources in your state, as well as allow you to find ground-based support groups in or near your area.

The following video interview with Dr. Michael Mauro, a leading CML specialist, discusses the shock of a CML diagnosis and things to consider when beginning a CML journey.


An Interview with Dr. Michael Mauro, Oregon Health & Science University (NCMLS Medical Advisor) from The National CML Society on Vimeo.

The following links will open a series of CML videos from NBC's Digital Health Network. Throughout the series, you will see many of our medical advisors. These videos were not produced by the National CML Society however, they provide a vast amount of information you can use as you learn more about CML. They do contain advertisements of which the Society makes no endorsement of the products or services. 

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