Clinical Developments

In this section, we will present information on current clinical developments on treating and monitoring CML. Disease monitoring in the United States follows the standard outlined on the European LeukemiaNet, a well respected source of information for physicians treating CML and other leukemias. Additionally, updates/changes to treatment methodologies will be shared. 

Below are a couple of developments that are being utilized in treating CML.  Check back often.

Combination Therapy
Several studies are ramping up utilizing combination therapy adding PegIFN to Gleevec. Additionally, a new trial pairing Sprycel with a Hedge Hog Inhibitor is planned for the near future. For more information on participating in one of these studies, contact Dr. Moshe Talpaz, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, or email us here at the NCMLS. 

Vaccine Therapy
For some time, vaccines have been discussed in our community. To date, none have been spectacularly effective, however, they are still a valid line of study. 


Looking for information on emerging drug therapies or those currently in clinical trial, see Emerging Drug Therapies.