How to Use Our Site

We have talked with CML patients across the country to come up with a meaningful way in which to present information through the National CML Society website.  Here are some tips to help you quickly find the resources you need:

"Blue Bar" Navigation - the blue bar across the top of the page is designed to follow the "life" of someone living with CML.  The continuum includes information on living with CML, resources offered by the Society, latest developments and news from the CML world, the ability to ask questions of the experts who treat the disease, valuable resources for all aspects of living with the disease, and ways you can get involved in the ongoing activities of the society.  Each drop down menu will contain a variety of links that will help you learn about the disease and allow you to directly access everything from Social Security information to Clinical Trials.

Ask the CML Experts - this portal allows you to review questions that have been answered by our panel of experts and to submit questions of your own.  This portal is NOT intended to replace your local doctor.  Rather, it serves to provide outside opinion on your case and many others.  Incoming questions are triaged by a Hematology/Oncology Nurse with CML experience.  Once submitted, the question is catagorized and sent up for review by the panel of experts.  Once answered, a detailed report will be provided to you and the information (devoid of any identifying information) will be placed in our Ask the CML Experts FAQs

CML Connection - this portal will allow you to click on the map and see a listing of CML resources available in your state.  Each list may be slightly different as we locate and/or establish services in your state.  Each State will have a State Representative that is currently living with CML in some degree.  The list will also include treatment centers, State support agencies, CML Connection Support Group meeting times and places, etc.