Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to get involved with the society. It goes without saying that simply spreading the word in your community is a great start, however, there are other ways as well. Below are some ideas and suggestions:

Team 922

Team 922 is an easy way to raise funds to continue the goals and objectives of the Society. It's quite simple too! Each team leader gets nine individuals to commit $22 per month and they in turn build their team of nine and repeat the process. And, to boot, there's....."no running, no riding, no razors involved". How simple is that? Not only is it easy, it's not cost prohibitive for most. Just imagine, if nine got nine, then they got nine who got nine, we could raise almost $100,000/year!

Become a local NCMLS Point Person in your community

These individuals have the inside scoop on the latest things happening with the society and keep their local communities up to date on the services we provide, as well as keep us aware of current events where we might further the cause of reaching out to fellow CML families.

Sponsor or coordinate a "Lamp Lighter" event

Lamp Lighter events range from fun walks to sharing luminaries during special CML emphasis times. Contact our offices for more details on these events and how to plan one. Be an NCMLS Buddy. Buddies come alongside and help someone gain their bearings whether that's with finding lodging and resources near a major cancer center, or even accompanying them to an appointment or other treatment related meeting. Each buddy goes through an extensive training program to understand all that is involved with assisting someone on the journey.

For even more ways to get involved click Other Ways to Help.