Men's Concerns

  • Are there any special considerations I should be aware of prior to fathering children?

    Today, men in treatment for CML have much more flexibility than in the past when it comes to fathering children. Previously, it was thought that males should be clear of treatment for a minimum of eight (8) weeks prior to engaging in sexual activity with the intent to conceive. Now that we have longer term data, we are seeing that fathering children while taking a tyrosine kinase inhibitor has not posed discernable issues with the development of an unborn child. It is always wise to consult with your doctor prior to contemplating a family as each case is different, however being in treatment for CML does not seem to be a deterrent to having children for men.  If you are contemplating starting a family, discuss these plans with your doctor. There are a number of men in our community who have fathered children while receiving treatment for CML and had perfectly healthy children.