Celebrate My Life

Barb Stanley

Adventuresome, daring, and all around fun gal are just a small sampling of the adjectives used to describe Barb Stanley.  Her list of hobbies and adventures include everything from camping in the mountains with her girlfriends, to driving a race car.  Barb lets very few opportunities to seize life at its fullest pass her by.

Barb shares that it was during a “well woman visit” to her doctor on May 1, 2002 that her CML Journey began.  “The diagnosis of cancer is never an easy thing to hear” says Barb.  It was something she’d walked through with her mom and, at the time of her diagnosis, was still reeling from her death to CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).  Barb says that her diagnosis day began what has become the fight of her life with “Leukie the Dragon” (as she “affectionately” refers to her CML).

Barb shares that her diagnosis has brought two very important aspects of life to the forefront.  First off, Barb says “having cancer is meaningless unless I use it to bring knowledge, faith, and hope to people”.  For that reason, she is active in supporting others living with CML and passing on the knowledge she has gained. She also serves as a CML Connection Facilitator and the NCMLS Arizona State Representative.

Secondly, she lives her life with more intention than in her pre-CML days.  Barb says “I put my feet on the ground each day with purpose and intent: to re-evaluate my priorities and to live [my life] intentionally, authentically, and with pure motives.”

When asked about any advice she could offer to newly diagnosed patients, Barb responds by encouraging patients to read all they can about CML, its treatment protocols and the options available today.  She also points out the importance of being an informed and actively involved patient.

Barb says she strives to “live life in the NOW’ and from the looks of it, she’s taking it by the horns!

As for her zest to live life to the fullest, we say “Race on, Barb, Race on!”

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