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Thank you for visiting the Ask the CML Experts portal. Over the years, this service has continued to grow and submission volumes increase. We are very grateful to our panelists who have given their time and expertise to answer questions and provide insights for living with CML.

The Ask the CML Experts portal is currently closed to NEW submissions, however, we look forward to reopening in the near future. 

In the meantime, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions pages for answers to some of your most common questions. 

Again, thank you for helping make Ask the CML Experts a much sought after resource for the CML community.






With CML being a rare form of leukemia, it is not often that you have the opportunity to ask an expert in the field for suggestions. With our Ask the CML Experts portal, interacting with a CML Specialist is just a click away!

Prior to submitting your questions, we invite you to view the FAQ section as you very well might find the answer is already here.  Every FAQ has come directly from the CML Community and has been answered by the specialists on our panel.

Here's how the system works:

  1. You submit your question via our secured submission form.
  2. A Hematology/Oncology nurse, experienced in CML triages your question.
  3. Your question is compared to others in our database to determine if we already have the answers or if the question is escalated to a specialist.
  4. Once the question is answered, you receive a custom report.
  5. After your report has been sent to you, we remove any personally identifying information and place your question in the FAQ section so others can benefit from the knowledge the specialists have shared.