Letter from the Director

Greg StephensOn behalf of The National CML Society, I want to welcome you to our home on the web! I hope that you will find the site informative and a place where you can find answers for many of the questions you may have about Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). We are always open to your suggestions and ideas on ways we can improve the site and better meet the needs that you might have.

As you know, CML affects not only the one diagnosed, but their family and friends as well. Hearing a diagnosis such as this can be quite shocking and heart wrenching. I know, full well, the feelings that ripple throughout a family, as my family faced those same feelings in January of 2005. Needless to say, it was a scary time in our lives. It is for that very reason that this organization not only seeks to assist the CML survivor, but the entire family.

CML is quite treatable today and for the most part survivors can live a full and productive life. Since CML is a rarer form of Leukemia, with the NCI estimating approximately 5050 diagnoses this year, it is important that you seek out the opinions of those who treat this disease as a normal course of their day. Our organization is proud to have several of the nation’s top CML specialists on our Medical Advisory Board and we can connect you with specialists all across the country.

Through our network of resources we can assist you in learning more about the disease, available treatments, financial and patient assistance programs, and the latest developments on the horizon.  The Society is also happy to help you connect with others locally through our CML Connection™ program.

Here for a purpose,

Greg Stephens
Executive Director